Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Remember when we were kids and life was easy, really no cares in the world?  A day when we played outside until after dark, rode our bikes in the streets, had rock fights, climbed trees, all sorts of fun stuff. Did you ever spend the weekend with your grandparents and get spoiled rotten?  Sure you had boundaries but maybe got away with a little more?  And then after a full day of playing, you went running into the bathroom only to catch one of your Grandparents getting out of the shower....YIKES!!!
What's my point?  My point is that sometimes we need SUPPORT!  Whether you need support from "sagging" or support from "SAG" it happens, we can help with one of these (and it won't be for "sagging").  We will have a SAG vehicle that plans to be at the 25 mile point and also the 41 miles point, if you would like to put a bag of items in this vehicle at the start then please plan to do so.  Now the distance between the two stops isn't too terribly far apart depending on faster riders speeds and slower riders speeds so please prepare as best as you can.

Again the 2014 edition of Chucky's Challenge is this Saturday Feb 1, we will be leaving from the 4 way stop in downtown Jamesport at 10:00.


  1. Mitch:

    My wife and I would love to come out and do this for the first time. We are here in Chillicothe and very familiar with the starting area so we will see you there. Also, Beth is a little concerned about finishing in a decent time so is towing allowed? We want to practice for the Orge later this spring and this would be a good chance. Thanks Trevor

    1. Trevor,

      Absolutely you can tow. Hopefully Don Daly will be back again this year, he is one of the creators of OGRE and a great guy. Let me know if you need any other info for this weekend!