Monday, February 13, 2012

What's Up Chuck?

Up chuck??? Yikes, that reminds me of a Cheerios incident from a local rider a few years back on a group ride. Too much info? Oh, I've spent so much time to type it and the backspace key is a quite a finger stretch away!

Congrats to the 6 brave souls that made their way to Jamesport, MO for the annual Chucky's Challenge this past Saturday. Here is the "All Time Chucks" listing:

Chucky’s Challenge-All Time “Chuck List”

Doug Long 2008’,09’,10’,11’,12’
Tim Riekena 2008’,09’,10’,11’,12’

Damon Hennen 2008’,09’,10’,11’
James Shiflett 2008’,10’,11’,12’

Mitch Bernskoetter 2008’,09’,10’
Tim Greene 2010’,11’,12’
Raymond Mulnix 2008’,09’,10’
Dan Venner 2008’,11’,12’

Stoney Cranmer 2009’,10
’Cale Gondringer 2009’,10’
Brent Kline 2009’,11’
Mark Jenkins 2008’,09’
Mike Langwell 2010’,11’
Rolfe McCoy 2009’,10’
John Williams 2010’,11’

Ben Bolin 2011”
Michael Born 2009’
Richard Bowman 2009’
JP Brocket 2011’
Dave Crook 2010’
Jim Cummins 2009
’Don Daly 2011’
Mark Fiorino 2009’
Addison Fuller 2010’
David Hoel 2009’
Mark Krause 2010’
Brian Lasswell 2010’
Michael Leamer 2010’
Chris Locke 2010’
Andy Lucas 2009’
Fritz Menninger 2012
’Austin Norris 2010’
Doug Obershaw 2009’
Jan Pyrtle 2011’
Lyle Riedy 2010’
Stan Saunders 2011
’Brad Schrock 2008’
Andy Schuete 2009’
Brett Shoffner 2011’
Steve Songer 2009’
Randy Tracy 2010’
Clay Wells 2010’
Rich Willett 2009’

2008 Route- 40 miles (2- 20 mile loops). Cloudy, temps in 30-40’s. Mostly dry.2009 Route- 62 miles. Sunny, mild temps. Very hilly with some flats.
2010 Route- 54 miles. Epic snow ride. Fairly flat route. Cloudy, temps in 30’s.2011 Route- 43 miles.
“Blizzard of 2011-snow epic”. Hilly. Partly sunny, 20’s.
2012 Route- 52 miles “Frigid Chucky” Clear and 10 degrees at start, 15 mph winds with wind chill below zero. Flat start/hilly finish

Thanks again to those that showed up to brave the weather and to everyone that hoped to come enjoy our Green Hills, check back with us as we will be hosting this ride again next year.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 Frigid Chucky Route

Here is a link from Doug of the official route.

That's right the course if marked and ready to go, remember "lime" is left and "red" is right. If your "blue" better keep moving!


Make sure to dress for a chilly ride tomorrow, we are going to have some cold temps but don't stay away as we are going to have a good time on some Green Hills Gravel.

Have you ever seen an Amish Groundhog??? Who knows you might see one tomorrow.

1. Proper clothes for cold conditions which include: winter gloves for frigid conditions, booties for feet, headliner for helmet and/or face protection. We are talking riding clothes that will stop wind and work as a thermal layer. Speaking of layers, I suggest using multiple wicking layers and stay away from cotton. Poly, fleece, and wool are all good choices.

2. Have your bike in good working condition with proper air pressure, etc... Surfaces are going to be hard. It's one of those situations where you have to decide air pressure to roll and take shock, but where is the line between comfort and flat protection. This is where a good set of tubeless road or mtn tires might come in handy. Talc on tubes does help them slide a little in the tire casing and helps, to some existent, prevent flats. Changing tubes or dealing with mechanical issues with frigid conditions is not a good scenario. There is nothing worse than being warm and then having to stop and be inactive while dealing with a mechanical. Not a bad idea to have glove liners to help protect hands in the event of a mechanical. Chemical hand and feet warmers in the pocket or bike bag should be on your prep list.

3. Hydration can be problematic. Keeping water bottles and camel back lines unfrozen can be a challenge. If you were you camel back under your jacket you still need to keep the line from freezing. Lucky you if you have an insulated line. Some riders will keep their water bottles under their outer jacket in their back jersey pockets.

4. Take care of nutrition. Exercising in frigid weather requires the body to burn more calories to help with thermal regulation. You have to eat more to fill the tank and deal with fuel depletion.

5. Be self sufficient. No, I'm not telling you to ride alone. That is not fun, and in frigid conditions, can be dangerous. I suggest riding with at least one other person that is your skill and physical condition. I know this is not a race but we all have different physical limitations and while some might enjoy flying down sketchy roads full speed, others may be more conservative. We all ride for different reasons. Don't put the other(s) in your group at risk or inconvenienced because of your lack of foresight, or preparation. I generally don't carry a cell phone but I will tomorrow.

6. Everyone will have a map, use it! The course will be well marked but there will be bailout opportunities to shorten the course if need be.

See Ya Soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The weather for this weekend is looking perfect for Chucky's Challenge, if things stay frozen the B roads may be a possibility. We really wanted to have the ride on the original date but it was a very good call by Doug to move the date, it rained all day Friday and Friday night and continued most of the day Saturday.

We hope everyone will come on out this Saturday February 11th for our annual Chucky's Challenge, starting at 10:00 a.m. at the 4 way stop in historic downtown Jamesport, MO.

Friday, February 3, 2012


So what do you feed your Chucky???

I recommend a steady diet of gravel mixed with some dirt and of course some hills, pavement isn't too awful bad for a Chucky though. Keep it hydrated with some creek crossings and you should be good to go!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chucky's Moving Down The River

Unfortunatly we are due to get some big weather this weekend, forecast is calling for 1.5" of rain, I think we all know what that does to gravel roads and in turn does to drivetrains. We want everyone to have a challenging ride but also to have an enjoyable time on their bikes as well, so we are going to float our Chucky's ride to the following weekend (Saturday Feb 11th). We will still be leaving at 10:00 a.m. from the 4 way stop in Jamesport, MO on Saturday Feb 11th.

If you have any further questions please contact me at