Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Chucky's Route

Alright Folks the route is set, we are less than a week away and ready for some good times on gravel.  I can't guarantee there will not be a dog on this ride, just in case I would not recommend bacon as an on the bike fuel.  If you must then I would stick it in your buddies jersey pocket without him knowing it!

We will head South out of Jamesport on rolling hills passing through prime Amish farmsteads.  Will hit river flats at about mile 10 and will be in the flats for approx. 15 miles.  Plenty of time to get the legs warmed up before the punchy climbs of the last half of the "Challenge". 

We will have a SAG vehicle at mile 25 and then he will proceed onto mile 41, more to follow about this later.

We will have cue sheets for riders, if you plan on attending why don't you post a comment below so we have an estimate of how many sheets to plan on.  Check this site prior to departure, we plan to play on Saturday but sometimes Mother Nature is overly cruel so check back for updates.

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