Friday, January 31, 2014

Chucky's Postponed

I ran into Mother Nature the other day and maybe I made a mistake, she asked me if her outfit made her look fat.  I gave the correct answer which was "No" but I probably shouldn't have looked her up and down with a puzzled look before I answered.

With the current weather conditions and the possibilities for tomorrow we are going to go ahead and postpone the Chucky's ride for tomorrow.  There are a few areas that we are concerned about riders safety if we get any ice that is forecasted, there are some areas that will not receive attention prior to the ride and its not worth riders potentially getting hurt.  There is an adventurer in all of us but we don't want to risk injuries in this circumstance.  We are looking at possibly next weekend or the one after, stay tuned for further details.

We appreciate your eagerness for this ride and hope that you understand where we are coming from.

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