Sunday, January 6, 2013

Woodchuck Curency

First let me start by saying that the picture at the top of the post has always embraced an Amish scene and deservedly so since this ride is taken through some amazing Amish country.  However this year the picture is more what you might imagine from a Southern take on things, let me assure you that this is not a jab at the Amish way of life as I have a lot of respect for that culture and their work ethic.  Some have even said that I grew up Amish...well only one person did that and his name is Jan Prytle (Hi Jan, I hear it's your Birthday on Tuesday...Happy Birthday a bit early!!!).  The picture is of a sign that is actually on the course this year.  Find the sign and tell me the location and you will receive 10 Woodchuck bucks that are redeemable towards next years entry!  What is the value of a Woodchuck buck?  The same as a Schrute Buck, 1/100 of a cent (any office fans out there?).

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