Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Be Prepared

I just wanted to post a quick note to remind everyone that all riders will be self sufficient on this ride, a few of the years we have had a SAG vehicle but I am not planning on that this year and all riders need to be prepared to make the entire ride on their own.  If you don't feel you can do the entire route don't let that stop you from coming out and riding your bike, you can always ride for as far as you want and then turn around and head back.  As always weather conditions will determine the speed that most riders can maintain and February can be quite chilly so dress accordingly and carry enough supplies.  With freezing temps I recommend carrying your water bottles in your jersey under a jacket to help keep them from freezing, a camelbak can be worn under a jacket if need be.  It's usually not the bladder that freezes up but the hose.  The route will leave from Jamesport and there is a small grocery store across from where we will be meeting up, we will travel through 4 small towns along the route and the first town has a small gas station that we will roll by.  The second and third towns do not have a station but there is at least civilization if you are in need, the last town has a Casey's General  Store and we will be rolling right past it and then on toward Jamesport for the finish.  There is some pretty amazing food in Jamesport for your post ride needs.

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