Thursday, January 28, 2010

Short Night Recon Ride

Well Timmy 29er and I headed out last night to do some after hours gravel grinding, we headed out to North Poosey for a climbing workout but the road that leads into the parking lot was still covered with snow and had not been plowed. I only have a 2 wheel drive pickup so I didn't want to chance getting stuck so we opted to head over to the campground near the boat launch at Indian Creek lake.

We dropped in on some singletrack and rode the campground loop, the newest edition to the trails at Indian Creek, it was good to get back on the dirt. Cold temps had the ground firmed up so we were able to ride and not leave tracks, some of the switchbacks were a little tough with some snow and ice build up.

After the short loop we headed out to ride some of the gravel roads, the roads had very little to no gravel on them and were super fast. There were patches of snow and ice with frozen ruts that made things interesting at times. We were able to find some good hills to climb before we turned around to head back, it was a short ride but still a good time.

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