Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2009 Chucks

2009 included higher rider numbers and higher temperatures than the previous year, with gravel grinders becoming more popular and the Green Hills members spreading the dirt we were able to more than double the rider list from the prior year. Riders included: Rich Willett, Steve Songer, Andy Schuette, Tim Riekena, Doug Obershaw, Raymond Mulnix, Rolfe McCoy, Andy Lucas, Doug Long, Brent Kline, Mark Jenkins, David Hoel, Damon Hennen, Cale Gondringer, Mark Fiorino, Jim Cummins, Stoney Cranmer, Richard Bowman, Michael Born, and Mitch Bernskoetter.

The warmer temps were a welcomed addition to the ride, especially with a route deserving the name "Beast, Beauty, Beast". The ride started out with a good warm up and then headed right into the climbing that North Central Missouri is known for. After miles and miles of rollers we worked our way to the "aggie flats" for some much needed recovery. This section proved to be less than simple with some new gravel that was put down after the last recon ride. Then it was back into the hills to finish the route back in downtown Jamesport.

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