Monday, December 8, 2014

What Is This All About?

Maybe some of you are new to gravel grinding and are wondering what this is all about, I was in those shoes myself a while back.  The first time I went on a gravel ride was a group ride that Pappy had put together, I really wasn't sure about it but I always enjoy a group ride.  At that point I was riding my mountain bike because I didn't have a cross bike yet.  I'll be honest, I wasn't very far into the ride and I was thinking to myself "I don't get it, what is the attraction to riding gravel?".  I continued on and went on more rides that season and with each ride I grew to enjoy it more and more.  Now it is one of my favorite riding options, in our neck of the woods there are so many gravel options with miles and miles available.  Now I find myself looking at almost every gravel road as I am riding in a car, the ones that seem to disappear into a tree covered lane are the ones that really get my attention.

I'm glad I didn't go with my first feeling about it!

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