Sunday, December 2, 2012

February 2nd, 2013...Chucks Will Be Rollin'

Well it's time again to be getting ready for our annual Chucky's Challenge, 2013 will mark the 6th edition of our gravel grinder starting in historic Jamesport, MO.  Doug Long started this ride in 2008 and that was after a couple years or so of thinking about it and wanting to make sure it was done right.  If you know Doug, and if you ride bikes in the midwest then I'm sure you do, then you know he doesn't do anything without properly planning it (probably 3 or 4 times).  Doug is a valued asset to the cycling community and does more things to help with cycling and or health related efforts in a single year than most of us do in our entire lives.  If any of you have ever attended a race that Doug has promoted or been lucky enough to ride some single track that he has crafted then you know all about his passion, for many of us like Doug the world doesn't revolve on it's axis it revolves on two wheels.  This year Chucky's is taking a little change but still has the same structure and basis that Doug created, our annual ride is Saturday February 2nd which is the same weekend as the Cyclocross World Championships being held in Louisville, KY.  Doug will be competing at Worlds in his class and then spectating the Elite Championships, WOW what a race to be able to watch right here in the U.S.A.  I suspect some of you will also be making the trip to Kentucky because lets face it, when if ever will this race be back in the United States?  I can't say that I blame you if you are going however if you are not then I am inviting you to attend our annual gravel grinder, the 6th annual Chucky's Challenge.

I will be taking over the ride this year and I am currently looking at route options and will update that as it becomes available.  Now I'm no Doug Long, I can't ride as fast as those 60 year old guys, but don't let that stop you from coming out and enjoying our scenic country roads.  I do however enjoy riding my bike as much as Doug and would love to have the company on this ride.  Traditionally we try to have our ride around 60-65 miles in length and that is the plan this year as well.  This ride isn't just for the seasoned racer or long distance rider, if the thought of 60 miles overwhelms you then still come out and ride for awhile and then turn back (may be a shorter loop option as well).  This ride is all about us doing what we love to do and not about finish times and podium spots although Lyle Riedy is right when he says that if you have two people on bikes then there is always going to be a race!  But that is the great thing about a diverse crowd, if people want to push each other and set a pace that is great and if some want to just enjoy the view then that is awesome too.  Whichever group you fit into I hope you will be a part of our ride, don't forget Saturday Feb 2nd 2013.

Pie...fresh warm homemade pie made in an Amish bakery???  If you have ever been on one of our pie rides then I lost you at the start of this paragraph because your eyes glazed over thinking about some of the best tasting ddelicacies you can imagine.  What better way to finish your ride then with some post ride grub which you can find at more than one location in Jamesport, MO.  Remember to mark you calendars for Saturday Feb 2nd 2013 and join us for Chucky's Challenge.  Did I mention Saturday Feb 2nd 2013?

Stay tuned, more to come.  Need more info?  Contact me at

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