Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chucky III Recap

For those of you the joined us for Chucky's Challenge last year we were definitely spoiled with warm weather and fast course conditions. This year was more of a mix of snow and slowwwwwwer conditions but that didn't stop over 20 riders from coming out to brave the weather. Doug opted to shorten the route and take the big climbs out and I think everyone was glad that he did, the course still demanded concentration and good bike handling skills.

There are only 2 Grand Chucks remaining after the 3 year span, Doug "Pappy" Long, and Tim "29er" Riekena. These two have participated and finished in all 3 Chucky's Challenges, neither of these two guys are a stranger to riding gravel. I think everyone in the lower 48 know Doug but if you don't know Tim, he is an avid cyclist who has competed in the Cup O Dirt Challenge as well as many other events and is one of the Green Hills Trails stewards. Way to go guys!!

A big thank you to all that came out to play in the snow, I know Doug is very appreciative of all of you. Thank you to Chris Locke for taking pictures during the event, I borrowed some from his blog to post on here (I hope he doesn't mind!!). Just remember that we will be doing it again next year, maybe it will be more epic than this year.

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